4 factors that make disk repair impossible

For the MOT and the main inspection, the disc repair may be of importance. If the rockfall is in the window of the driver, this is larger than a 2-euro coin or if it is on the edge of the glass, the TÜV will intervene in any case. However, the inspectors at the HU also assess the overall condition of the windscreen, as even a heavily worn windscreen poses an increased safety risk.

What is defined as a field of view?

Field of View is defined as:

  • Steering wheel center:

    • to the right: 14.5cm;
    • to the left: 14.5cm;

Field of view height is defined as:

  • limited by the area of the windscreen wiper

3 Reasons why stonechips are dangerous!

Stone chips in the field of vision can affect your vision while driving and can lead to accidents.
One situation: They drive at night with their new car, a few days ago, a rockfall appeared after you drove behind a truck that has rolled up the chippings. On the highway you drive home and a car comes towards you. You know it, high beam still on and oncoming traffic begins to dazzle you. As if that were not enough, now comes the fall of the stone, which is reinforced by the breaking of the light. They are distracted for a few seconds and lose their focus.

  • Increased accident risk
  • Increased cracking Risk
  • Constant distraction while driving


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3 Reasons why you can not fix on the edge

  • TUV regulations state that a distance of 10 cm should be maintained
  • Repaired stone chips on the edge continue to affect the stability of the glass (risk of breakage)
  • Rockfall in the Black area is not repairable because the technician has no view of the rockfall and its depth

When does a stonechip repair make sense?

Basically, it always makes sense. Because a stonechip repair may only cost you with Jacob; 89,25 € compared to a completely new windshield for 500-900 € +

Here are 3 short points when it definitely makes sense:

  • If you have a part comprehensive insurance – the repair is virtually free for you.
  • Stonechips are close to the edge – edge impacts are often triggers for large cracks.
  • Multiple Stonechips – the disc becomes a minefield and can travel extremely fast.

We are always available for you!

We are always available for you!